Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wasting Light - A Review

I've been a Foo Fighters fan for a long time, now.  I remember not liking Nirvana, and so I was skeptical when I first put their tape into my car's stereo.  That was a long time ago, and I can honestly say that I still rank these guys among my favourite bands; in fact, they're one of only a couple of bands that I "like" on Facebook.  On an unrelated note, I dislike that I "like" things on Facebook, and have since quit doing it.

The Good 
Wasting Light took a little time to grow on me as an album.  I mean, I was immediately drawn to some of the highlights of this album, but since I don't listen to the radio any more, I still can't tell you if any of them are radio releases.  I'd say my favourite songs are "Rosemary," "Arlandria," and "Miss the Misery," because I really like the chord progressions.  They're just great rock songs, but very smartly written; unexpected minors and the rest.

The Bad
For all the nifty chord changes, there are some really inexplicable... one-note solos?  I don't even know what to call these things.  The disc opens with something I could only describe as jarring as the intro to "Bridge Burning," and there's another one in an already stupid-sounding bridge in "Arlandria."  The latter is especially unfortunate since I love the song otherwise.  So, I don't know what's up with that, but I don't like it.
"White Limo" seems to be the token "Dave Grohl needs to scream" song.  Not a fan.

I liked this disc.  Like I said, it took a little bit to grow on me.  Even though there are a few "bads" in this review, none of them are bad enough to keep me from recommending this one.  Of course, that does assume you like this genre in the first place....

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